Maximizing the Value of Real Estate Opportunities

Since our founding in 2003, we have been engaged in commercial real estate investments, development, and property management in an effort to continuously maximize the value of real estate opportunities. This is done through a partnership-driven mindset, a focus on our core values, and a belief that our lives are enhanced by the experiences within the spaces where we spend our lives. It’s not what we do that makes us different – it’s how we do it.

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ViaWest believes that strong, local-market knowledge and relationships are critical to success in the real estate industry. However, regional, national and global economic forces are increasingly driving local real estate markets. Therefore, ViaWest takes a nimble and evolving approach within the context of local market and macro-economic fundamentals to pursue development and investment opportunities across a broad range of property types while also ensuring that same approach is provided to our property management clients.

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ViaWest has purchased and developed over $1 billion of projects since inception.  With a primary focus on office and industrial assets but experience and capabilities in nearly all product types, ViaWest’s team brings a unique combination of breadth and depth that most regional operators cannot match.

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Our staff of 50+ high-performing individuals includes all necessary disciplines of a full-service commercial real estate operator such as accounting, property management, development, analysis, facilities, etc.  Our team takes pride in its work and is focused on individual successes and company successes.

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The founding partners of ViaWest Group, Gary Linhart and Steven Schwarz, established the firm in Phoenix, Arizona in 2003 with the goal of creating a full-service real estate operating and investment company with a consistent mission and set of values. ViaWest has a highly-qualified team that professionally manages investments, acquisitions and developments for our investors, partners, and clients.

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